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Captive auto finance company Hyundai Capital America (HCA) has launched a pilot car subscription program that includes a special lease price, auto insurance, and service maintenance on selected vehicles.

The option, called Hyundai PLUS, is available via its Hyundai Motor Finance brand and is initially being offered in Ohio at select dealerships, on the MY18 Hyundai Elantra, Sonata, Tucson, and Santa Fe Sport models, with future expansion plans to follow.

The lender says combining the special lease, auto insurance premium, and maintenance into a single package with a single payment will ease the pain of current vehicle ownership, as well as allowing Hyundai retailers the opportunity to offer their customers additional value, and creating more touch points to service the customers.

Ross Williams, HCA president and CEO, said: “The Hyundai PLUS subscription program provides excellent value to our customers. Convenience, quality, and putting customers first continue to be the driving force behind our product introductions.”