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Kia has launched a new electric vehicle mobility service called Purple M.

The initiative is specific to plug-in vehicles and intended to establish the manufacturer as a Transportation-as-a-Service (TaaS) provider.

The project was developed in collaboration with Korean tech firm, which has contributed its Urban Mobility Operating System.

The software is capable of integrating vehicle and air transportation methods such ride hailing, fleet management, shuttle services and smart logistics. Members of both companies have been appointed to Purple M’s board. founder and CEO Chang Song is chairman, while Seo Young-wu – former chairman of carpooling start-up Poolus – has been named chief executive officer.

The firm is targeting the Korean domestic mobility market and claims it will provide a model for collaboration between large, established companies and smaller, newer and tech-focussed organisations in the country.

Its launch follows Kia’s announcement of ‘Plan S’, the company’s mid-to-long-term business strategy, which aims to give it the edge in the fields of mobility services, vehicle electrification, connectivity and autonomy.

Ho Sung Song, CEO and president of Kia, said: "With the newly established Purple M, Kia will be reborn as a leader for the era of e-mobility.

“ is a leading Korean company in the field of future innovation technology and is the best partner for successfully promoting a differentiated e-mobility service business.”

Chang Song added: "Our goal is to accelerate the era of electric vehicles through Purple M. The integrated mobility and logistics platform UMOS will be central to building an e-mobility ecosystem encompassing everything from infrastructure to services."

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