The Chinese authorities are planning to turn the south district of Shanghai, called Lingang, into a green zone, together with a restriction on internal-combustion vehicles’ traffic.

To meet this demand, BA-SHI has decided to adapt Arval France’s car sharing solution and adjust it to local requirements.

BA-SHI launched a first successful pilot in April 2015. In March 2016, 30 Chinese Electric vehicles Roewe e50 and 5 Hybrid Roewe 550 were implemented in the district of Shanghai.

Initially, the car sharing offer, called U-LIN CarSharing, will apply to the private lease market, then it will be rolled out on a business-to-business basis through Arval Jiutong. It will be supported by the E-payment service Alipay.

Growing roads congestion and the significant level of pollution in Chinese cities provide a favorable environment to car sharing solutions. With this deal, Arval aims to prove the suitability of its car sharing offer worldwide.

During the last 12 months Arval’s leased fleet grew by 8.3%, with double-digit growth in 11 countries. 

In terms of external growth, the acquisition of GE Capital Fleet Services’ operation in Europe brought its total leased fleet up to 949,000 vehicles, with a position of number one in Germany and a new presence in Sweden.

With the Arval Jiutong joint-venture in China, a deal in February 2016 in Brazil and joint-ventures in Chile and Peru, Arval has now a direct presence in 28 countries.