He and his team created a new website which aimed to empower the customer to be completely in charge every step of the way in the sales process.

He said: “Our model for customers is to search, sell your old car, choose a finance option to suit you, build your new car and track delivery every step of the way – all without speaking to a sales person, it’s that simple!”

Gone too were the traditional forbidding dealer premises. “This naturally led us to the major shopping centres in the UK,” he explained, “where millions of car driving customers visit every year. A unique and engaging store design lets the customer browse as they wish with some fantastic digital content to help explain the journey ahead.

“In store we have our Rockar Angels, who are car product super brains and certainly not sales people. Chosen on personality, they know all about the new cars on display - no jargon. Rockar Angels won’t make it all about the sale, they are just simply there to help and if you need them to they are more than happy to book YouDrive or arrange a service on your behalf.”

“Oh and one other thing,” he stressed, “there is no sales training, commissions or bonuses available in the whole company.”

So right now Rockar operates from three UK supermarket depots, had 300,000 people through their stores in the last 12 months and expect to turnover some £45 million in 2017.

Simon Dixon will be explaining his business model to delegates at the 7th International Auto Finance Network conference at Hilton London Bridge on 23 May

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