This is the first time a book on this topic has been written for fleet professionals.

Tourick told Asset Finance International: “The original idea for this book came from a conversation with a group of fleet managers who were discussing cost reduction. One said ‘We keep costs low by focussing on whole life costs’ and the others nodded sagely. Then another said ‘We moved beyond that ages ago and now focus on the total cost of ownership’.

“One brave soul then asked ‘What’s the difference?’ which kicked off a conversation that ended up demonstrating that they all had completely different definitions of whole life cost and total cost of ownership. They all felt their idea was correct and the conversation quickly descended into confusion.”

He added: “The purpose of this book is to try to shine some light into this area.”

Commenting at the launch, Mark Jowsey of KeeResources said: “We have long felt that there was a need for a book to help fleet professionals understand the intricacies of whole life cost calculations. We are delighted to have been asked to support this publication”.

The book is available at £40 from, and good bookshops. Published by Eyelevel Books, ISBN 9781902528397

Colin Tourick is a management consultant who has spent 35 years in the fleet industry. For six years he was managing director of CitiCapital Fleet and he has served on all the key industry committees. He advises banks, motor manufacturers, leasing companies and fleet managers and is a visiting professor at the University of Buckingham Business School.