The company has passed £300 million of assets financed in its work providing major suppliers of assets across the UK with an alternative to capital purchase.

The company’s key sectors are the NHS, public sector, green technologies and modular buildings, where SAF has established itself as the UK market leader.

Its clients include Carl Zeiss, Schneider Electric, Hill-Rom and ModuleCo Healthcare, with transactions ranging from £25,000 to more than £10million.

The company also provides a dedicated sales support service to its supplier clients, helping them to increase their sales conversion rates.

Steve Bowers, founder and managing director of SAF, said: “We have grown significantly during the past 10 years and this year will see us explore some new key markets and provide further significant growth.

“Within the public sector, we have completed transactions with over half of the UK’s NHS Trusts. In the private sector, we work closely with a large number of corporate clients with whom we have written substantial volumes of business.”

Bowers said the company plans “substantial growth” over the next year in both core markets and new sectors covering modular housing and commercial battery storage.

He added: “The demand for modular housing is increasing rapidly due to the pressures to develop more affordable housing and the number of builders entering the space. This market will complement our existing work in modular buildings, particularly within the NHS and public sector.

“It is a similar story with battery storage, the single biggest growth area in the renewable energy sector.”

As part of the expansion, the company will be focusing on its commercial sales service to support customers with additional support that is designed to help the sale process.

Bowers said: “We pride ourselves on not just being a leading name in asset finance, but also in providing clients with expert sales support giving them the best possible opportunity to close sales.”