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The circular economy promises to be a global force for good that also creates a new international market worth trillions of dollars.

There is growing momentum for change, amid warnings from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change that the world must act immediately to avoid an environmental crisis.

For businesses, this means significant change in the coming years, as many countries move towards a zero-carbon economy, where there is less reliance on fossil fuels and a greater focus on sustainable ways of doing business.

A new whitepaper from leading IT services and software company Tieto provides a vision of the future as companies move away from the historic business model of ‘take-make-waste’ to a new circular economy, where the life of assets is extended through greater utilisation, reuse and recycling.

The whitepaper looks at the role of asset finance companies in the circular economy and features case studies of businesses that are introducing new business models to extend the life of assets and promote recycling and reuse of equipment and resources.

It offers a concise explanation of key issues including:

  • What role can the circular economy play in asset finance?
  • What are the benefits of a business model that supports the circular economy?
  • How are asset finance companies adapting to greener ways of working?
  • What are the next steps to ensure organisations can benefit from the potential of the circular economy?

Per Dahlqvist, head of business development and analytics products, credit solutions and services at Tieto, said: “The asset finance industry can play a vital role in these new ways of doing business, through funding and by supporting the processes that enable change.”

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