Voice 360 for brokers is being offered throughout the vehicle broker sector and can be tailored to the individual needs of each business.

It provides insights into the views of vehicle end-users on the service they receive during vehicle ordering, delivery, handover and servicing.

It is designed to complement APD’s other services under the 360 brand, which have been adopted by major leasing companies and global manufacturers.

As well as offering an overall customer satisfaction rating, Voice 360 provides its broker clients with benchmarking on their likelihood to be recommended by customers through a Net Promoter Score.

An optional Customer Effort Score determines how straightforward it was for end-users to order their vehicle, take delivery or to undertake a service or repair.

The feedback also enables brokers to gauge the performance of their supplier partners, including dealers, vehicle repair facilities and tyre fitters.

APD’s research director Andrew Skelhorn said: “A survey is triggered whenever a customer – company or individual – has contact with their broker during the order and delivery period.

“Positive as well as any negative issues are flagged within the 360 online dashboards and the broker’s relevant account manager is alerted so that they can immediately engage and take action to resolve.”

The system is designed so that feedback is virtually immediate, enabling brokers to respond quickly to any customer issues to maximise retention when it comes to future orders.

Skelhorn said: “This bridges a gap as the driver is often at the end of a lengthy chain involving themselves, the broker, dealerships and funders.

“The key benefit to brokers is the ability to measure each element’s impact on satisfaction, loyalty and retention levels by identifying exceptional performance and highlighting any issues at source to help better manage the process.”

For example, one of the common issues to arise is the lack of an appointment time for delivering the vehicle to the driver, he said, adding: “It also enables brokers to provide their clients with an overall snapshot on how happy end-users are with the service they receive across the board.”

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