In the words of Adam Tyler, chief executive of the National Association of Commercial Finance Brokers (NACFB): “In 2008, the commercial finance industry fell off a mountain and it has felt as though we are climbing the North Face to get back where we were.”

However, by topping £10 billion in the July ’12/June 2013 12-month period UK brokers are a little more than halfway back up, and if the same trend continues as over the past few years, the summer 2014 figures will exceed £12 billion.

The soon-to-be-published UK Asset Finance Brokers & Lessors Review 2014 includes a unique host of interviews with broker practitioners as well as industry specialists and senior trade association staff.

It provides a fascinating comprehensive and forward-looking assessment of the market, its current and future drivers and key industry issues. As before, it has been compiled with the assistance and support of the National Association of Commercial Finance Brokers (NACFB), the British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association (BVRLA) and individual brokers and funders.

Integral component

A surge in interest and investment in technology is a major finding of this year’s review.

Although investing in technology has steadily grown to be an integral component of a broker’s business in recent years - most UK brokers now regard investment in updating technology as vital to efficiency and maintaining a competitive advantage.

Many funders are looking at introducing or improving proposal systems, particularly in the broker space where speed of service is critical. As one senior broker stresses: “A key area for technology has to be in terms of speeding up the time it takes from enquiry to getting a deal agreed. The sooner you can take a deal out of the market the better.”

Another adds: “IT in hand and use of cloud technology for back-up is business critical. As long as IT infrastructure, e.g. fibre optic broadband, across the UK is robust, this will be sufficient for many brokers.”

Another broker told Asset Finance International that investment in IT has been necessary to suit the business set-up, and has reaped rewards: “We have invested heavily in IT over the last five years (£90k) and developed our own systems with the help of our own IT consultants. We have a remote home-based sales force and this investment has allowed them to work faster and smarter with minimal downtime, which in turn has allowed them to do more front-line selling!”

Authoritative study

Over one third of the chief executives of UK’s leading brokers participated in the most authoritative study about brokers yet, produced by Asset Finance International and Nostrum Group.

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