Professional services group Deloitte has published a study looking at the impact of autonomous cars and new mobility services on the auto finance market, and predicts that a new auto finance ecosystem is on the horizon.

The report says most notably for auto financing, the rise of shared access to vehicles and drop in the number of consumer purchases could dramatically alter the number and size of loans—and who needs them.

Customers will increasingly be businesses in addition to individual consumers, and overall loan volume—and its associated revenue—could decline dramatically in the long run. One possible development is for dealerships to become the ones buying the vehicles, which they would then offer to customers on a subscription-like basis.

To thrive in the emerging mobility ecosystem, auto finance companies will need to rethink their traditional value chain, from sales and origination to servicing and asset disposition, the firm says.

According to Deloitte’s Financing the future of mobility Auto finance in the evolving transportation ecosystem report: “The well-established role of auto finance will be deeply challenged in the coming years as the extended global automotive industry evolves into a new mobility ecosystem. A series of converging social and technological forces, from advanced powertrains to shifting consumer preferences and the emergence of autonomous vehicles, will reshape the way people and goods move about in the coming years.”

The report concludes: “The scope of the required transformation will vary across lenders. Large diversified banks may have many of the needed capabilities already; their challenge will be imparting knowledge across business units and managing the rebalancing of volume between consumer and commercial auto lending. By contrast, captives focused primarily on dealer-driven loans to individuals will need to explore developing new business models to serve tomorrow’s larger pool of commercial borrowers.”