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Asset Finance Connect receives over a hundred nominations per year for its annual summer awards – this makes a lot of work for our volunteer judges. Well written, well considered nominations stand more chance of winning because they tell the judges what they need to know, without making them work hard to find the information they need to reach a fair conclusion. Well written nominations are clear and succinct, provide objective evidence including facts and figures as well as subjective evidence like testimonials that make it easy for the judges to respond positively.

A fun night with a serious purpose, the AFC Summer Awards recognise innovation and celebrate expertise and professionalism among finance providers, suppliers and intermediaries.

The 2023 Asset Finance Connect Summer Awards will include a host of new awards focusing on the three pillars upon which we depend in business – we need to make money, but we need to do it in a way that doesn’t destroy the planet, all while embracing and supporting the people in the business.

“There are lots of new awards that industry players will want to compete for – and you have until 14th April to get your nominations in” said Edward Peck, CEO of Asset Finance Connect.

Explore the award categories for the Summer Awards 2023 here.

For most award nominations, the following structure works well:

  • Opening statement – why you believe the nominee should win the award: Open your nomination with a clear and succinct statement telling the judges why you believe the nominee deserves the award. Include enough information for the judges to understand what is unique or special, what specific challenges were faced and overcome, what actions were taken, and what the outcomes were. Avoid too much detail. Write like a journalist not an academic: list the most important information first.
  • Objective evidence and detail – why the judges should agree with you: Back your opening statement with relevant detail and objective evidence. Provide the judges with the detail and data they need to reach the same conclusion as you. Ruthlessly remove anything which is padding. If there is compelling information which judges need to know, include it. If they don’t need to know something, remove it.
  • Closing statement – any other information you would like the judges to know.

It’s always good to include subjective evidence like testimonials or details of other awards which have been won. They tell the judges others have already reached the same conclusion.

Pet hates for judges include:

  • Generic marketing material: We all know winning awards is much more fun than writing nominations. Trust us, however, you need to put in the work if you want to win.
  • Overly complex information: If it is difficult to understand, the judges will need to work harder to find what’s relevant. They’ll do the work, but they won’t like you for it. Do them a favour – keep it simple.
  • Avoid superlatives.

Good luck with your entry! Don’t delay, submit your entry today! Closing date for entries is 14th April.

To see a full list of the categories and start your entry, visit:

Visit the Asset Finance Connect’s Summer Awards website HERE to place your nominations for award winners and to book your table.

Don’t delay booking your place at the Asset Finance Summer Awards Night – the early bird rate is just £2,000 for a table for ten or £1,450 for a half table. Prices rise on 11th May, one day before we announce the short list of awards winners.

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