Mollett and Dost

Nathan Mollett, Head of Asset Finance at United Trust Bank, and Rev. Dr. K. Bill Dost, Group CEO at DND Finance, have successfully completed day one of the Marathon des Sables, described as ‘the toughest footrace on Earth’.

UTB’s Nathan Mollett is currently competing in the 2024 event to raise money for two deserving charities - the South East Cancer Help Centre and Wings for Life, a charity which funds research into cures for spinal cord injuries. Nathan has covered the full costs of entry to the event and travel expenses himself so every penny raised will be split equally between the two charities.

mollett nathan Race 2024

The gruelling multi-stage ultramarathon sees competitors race for 250km over six days through southern Morocco’s Sahara Desert. Runners endure temperatures of 40 to 50 degrees centigrade and must carry everything they need to complete the race, on their backs including clothes, food and a sleeping bag. A venom pump is also a ‘must have’ on the official race kit list.

Although Nathan has competed in several marathons and full distance Ironman events, he admitted that the Marathon des Sables is taking his endurance running to a whole new level: “I’ve never run a 250k race before, let alone in these conditions, so this is going to be a real stretch for me. If anyone likes to see people well outside of their comfort zone and in discomfort as a trade-off for a decent sponsorship, this definitely qualifies!

“Wings for Life and South East Cancer Help Centre are fantastic charities and all the donations will help to improve the lives of those affected by spinal cord injuries, and provide support to cancer patients in the South East.

Please donate generously so that I only have to do this once!” To sponsor Nathan, please visit his fundraising page at