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Bynx has launched release 12.12 of its flagship fleet, leasing and mobility management platform Bynx, which will be available to both existing and new customers as of July 2020.

The new version builds on the industry’s drive away from data-centric paradigms to process oriented systems that deliver greater efficiency, productivity, flexibility and superior customer experience.

Specifically, Bynx release 12.12 contains the first phase of a new maintenance management module with enhanced customer interface, task management and status based processes. It also includes several improvements to existing features and developments, specifically in the area of Bynx management information and reporting and for customer facing and financial reporting outputs.

Commenting on the latest release, Gary Jefferies, sales and marketing director at Bynx (pictured above) said: “Customers are always looking at ways to save on resources while increasing efficiency and productivity – especially now, post-COVID-19.

“We’re moving away from data centricity, which is less user-friendly and intuitive, to a process alignment that is more inherent and efficient. It enables clients to more easily increase revenues while reducing costs and helping their customers.”

Jefferies outlined the improved functionality in Bynx release 12.12:

  • Improvements to make it easier for customers to add their own branded frontend;
  • Upgrades to dealer, customer and driver portals in order to run new functionality;
  • Bynx Short Term Rental module Rentals ReST services, allowing easier customer integration into third-party daily rental applications;
  • Audit trail enhancements for customer charge variations;
  • Improvements to online quotations portal for ‘guest’ visitors, campaigns and promotions, plus new APIs for links to dealers;
  • Enriched decision-based data available within maintenance approval process;
  • Better Bynx MI user management audit processes;
  • Expansion of digital signature functionality to enable the digital signing of many more documents;
  • Enhanced Bynx Short Term Rental module and mobility module driver validations; and
  • Menu enhancements for used vehicle purchasing.

To learn what is a coming next from Bynx (release 12.13) contact Bynx via