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Smart Asset Inspections (SAI) have announced the release of a game-changing inspections platform for the asset finance sector.

SAI’s purpose-built solution for asset finance undertakes asset inspections in a more streamlined and timely manner which has been welcomed by lenders and brokers.

With the ability to set parameters and create unique inspection requirements, using the state-of-the-art platform, an inspection can be undertaken within minutes with end users using the mobile app which is available across all platforms.

The system has been put together by asset finance professionals with over 15 years’ experience in sales, compliance and credit to ensure all inspections are fully compliant and provide the data needed to make an informed decision against the assets to be funded.

SAI’s first of its kind platform many different types of inspections to be performed, from new lends to in life asset management inspections within minutes with real time reporting, giving greater control than before and during live agreements, as well as distressed situations. Pre-determined features include reoccurring inspections, KYC Identification collection, pre and post (or both) delivery inspections automatically all available within the unique online portal.

Director and Founder of Smart Asset Inspections, Marcus Squires (pictured), said: “This has been a real game changer for lenders and brokers within the asset finance industry, giving them greater control on the assets before they release funds but also during the agreements. At the drop of a hat, they can inspect the asset they have funded or are about to fund.

“The platform has been developed in a way that doesn’t take forever to capture the data, but with the pre-determined features such as reoccurring inspections you can build this into the customer experience and save sales and credit teams time that can be spent elsewhere.

“The system is fantastic as it covers all the compliance aspects you would come to expect, so once the data is submitted back from the end user/supplier/broker you can geo locate everything within seconds and review all the evidence you have requested.

“With this platform we have onboarded several tier 1 funders who are providing fantastic feedback. As their valued partner, not only are we providing them a game changing platform, but we are also streamlining and improving their customer experience.”

For more information or to book a demonstration of the platform, email admin@smartassetinspections.co.uk or visit www.smartassetinspections.co.uk.